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Conversation #57: On Nationalism (October 28, 2018)

We’ve missed two weeks. Things have been very challenging: Grace is exhausted in the home stretch of this pregnancy; we’ve been slammed with huge expenses; the kids need rides all over the county; we’re still looking for some kind of clarity on what to do with our old house in Saginaw; Paul is sick of cleaning the kitchen. Last week we celebrated seventeen wonderful years of marriage. This week the creeping crypto-fascism of the last forty years is no longer creeping, and it’s no longer cryptic. And voting has been an inadequate response for decades —- of course you should vote, but it’s literally the least you can do.Our topic, when we finally get around to it, is nationalism: what it is, what it isn’t, and why the love of a nation is not a sensible thing, and inevitably is perverted into the love of blood, or soil, both of which are distractions that hide the true fascist agenda, which is always empire. We contrast this with patriotism, which is a thing that a sensible person can fe…

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