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Conversation #64: Five Myths About COVID-19

On a beautifully cool spring day, Grace and I went for a walk and talked about the plants coming back to life in our garden, the black-capped chickadees, and five widely-believed but false myths about COVID-19, which are based in part on wishful thinking, in part on anti-vax and pro-vax talking points, and in part on our understanding of other diseases. These myths are: COVID-19 is best countered by sanitizing surfaces. We can achieve herd immunity. COVID-19 will become endemic like the common cold. Long COVID is not a big deal. The after-effects of COVID-19 are mild so re-infection is not a big deal. The hard truths we must accept instead are: COVID-19 is not typically transmitted by contact with surfaces. We will not be able to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19, either through vaccination or infection. COVID-19 will not shift to an acceptable endemic state. So-called long COVID is not rare, not mild, happens to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and is not a p

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