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It'll Be Just Like Starting Over

It’ll Be Just Like Starting OverGrace and I are reviving the Grace and Paul Pottscast. After two years of chaos and crazy commutes, things are settling down, just a bit. I have unpacked my microphones, set up a little space for recording, and started making some test files. I will try to apply what I’ve learned about not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, so at least at first, my rule for producing these will be “it’s good enough.” I can’t promise a consistent schedule. Our baby girl is having surgery in just a few weeks and caring for her will be our first priority. But we will get something out!Flashback: Permaculture, Hugelkultur, and our Saginaw GardenTo get started, I’m going to link to a podcast episode I recorded on June 15, 2014. I think this is one of the best of our old conversations. For one thing, Grace does most of the talking!In this episode, we spoke about our gardening projects at our house in downtown Saginaw, Michigan, where Grace worked to apply permacult…

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