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Conversation #16: We Call Them "The Aristocrats" (September 24, 2017)

Paul has a nasty summer cold, but he’s brought three articles to discuss: an editorial from The National Review about Civil War Monuments, a take from The Outline on Megan McArdle’s breathtakingly tone-deaf take on the Grenfell Tower Fire, and a report from the Guardian about how Obama is now taking $400,000 speaking fees from the financial and health care sectors. Then Grace leads a conversation about how so-called liberals, including Obama, have aligned themselves with the elites, and why. We do in fact have hereditary dynasties in the United States, but because they aren’t codified in law and the structure of our government, it’s harder to talk about them. Why did the Democratic Party faithful, in the 2016 election, align with right-wing elites? Many liberals saw the ugliness of America for the first time in this election, and so were vulnerable to appeals to fears. The other ways of effecting change — populism and popular revolution — are scary by comparison. And so back to the su…

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