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Conversation #55: Millennial Economics with Anna (September 23, 2018)

Anna Markow is a millennial from Maine who lives in Brooklyn and works as a pastry chef in Manhattan’s theater district. She is one of the hosts of the Bread Line podcast, about the intersection of food and politics from a leftist perspective. We spoke to Anna about her podcast, her journey from hippie childhood to retail to pastry school to Michelin-starred restaurant kitchens, her politics, and her hopes for the future. Along the way we threw in a few quotations from Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, and talk about how the rent is still too damned high!How to ListenYou can find the MP3 file here.The Podcast feed is here.The Podcast channel on YouTube is here.More InformationAnna’s Instagram with lots of pictures of her delicious dessertsAnna’s Twitter pageThe Bread Line on TwitterThe Bread Line on SoundcloudThe Bread Line on PatreonThe Bread Line’s RSS FeedThis Week’s MusicNo music this week.

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